Lantern Zones

These are the following zones supported by the Lantern client. The short name is used for the zone data files, and database entries (and used with the /zone command). The long name is the name surfaced to the player.

Short Name Long Name Notes
airplane Plane of Sky
akanon Ak'Anon
arena The Arena
befallen Befallen
beholder Gorge of King Xorbb
blackburrow Blackburrow
burningwood The Burning Wood
butcher Butcherblock Mountains
cabeast Cabilis East
cabwest Cabilis West
cauldron Dagnor's Cauldron
cazicthule Lost Temple of CazicThule
charasis The Howling Stones
chardok Chardok
citymist The City of Mist
cobaltscar Cobalt Scar
commons West Commonlands
construct Plane of Development Lantern custom zone
crushbone Crushbone
crystal Crystal Caverns
cshome Sunset Home GM zone
dalnir Dalnir
dreadlands Dreadlands
droga Mines of Droga
eastkarana Eastern Plains of Karana
eastwastes Eastern Wastelands
ecommons East Commonlands
emeraldjungle The Emerald Jungle
erudnext Erudin
erudnint Erudin Palace
erudsxing Erud's Crossing
everfrost Everfrost
fearplane Plane of Fear
feerrott The Feerrott
felwithea Northern Felwithe
felwitheb Southern Felwithe
fieldofbone Field of Bone
firiona Firiona Vie
freporte East Freeport
freportn North Freeport
freportw West Freeport
frontiermtns Frontier Mountains
frozenshadow Tower of Frozen Shadow
gfaydark Greater Faydark
greatdivide Great Divide
grobb Grobb
growthplane Plane of Growth
gukbottom Ruins of Old Guk
guktop Guk
halas Halas
hateplane Plane of Hate
highkeep High Keep
highpass Highpass Hold
hole The Hole
iceclad Iceclad Ocean
innothule Innothule Swamp
kael Kael Drakael
kaesora Kaesora
kaladima North Kaladim
kaladimb South Kaladim
karnor Karnor's Castle
kedge Kedge Keep
kerraridge Kerra Isle
kithicor Kithicor Woods
kurn Kurn's Tower
lakeofillomen Lake of Ill Omen
lakerathe Lake Rathetear
lavastorm Lavastorm Mountains
lfaydark Lesser Faydark
load Loading Zone
mischiefplane Plane of Mischief
mistmoore Castle Mistmoore
misty Misty Thicket
najena Najena
necropolis Dragon Necropolis
nektulos Nektulos Forest
neriaka Neriak Foreign Quarter
neriakb Neriak Commons
neriakc Neriak Third Gate
northkarana Northern Plains of Karana
nro Northern Desert of Ro
nurga Mines of Nurga
oasis Oasis of Marr
oggok Oggok
oot Ocean of Tears
overthere The Overthere
paineel Paineel
paw Lair of the Splitpaw
permafrost Permafrost Caverns
qcat Qeynos Aqueduct System
qey2hh1 Western Plains of Karana
qeynos South Qeynos
qeynos2 North Qeynos
qeytoqrg Qeynos Hills
qrg Surefall Glade
rathemtn Rathe Mountains
rivervale Rivervale
runnyeye Runnyeye Citadel
sebilis Old Sebilis
sirens Sirens Grotto
skyfire Skyfire Mountains
skyshrine Skyshrine
sleeper Sleepers Tomb
soldunga Solusek's Eye
soldungb Nagafen's Lair
soltemple Temple of Solusek Ro
southkarana Southern Plains of Karana
sro Southern Desert of Ro
steamfont Steamfont Mountains
swampofnohope Swamp Of No Hope
templeveeshan Temple of Veeshan
thurgadina City of Thurgadin
thurgadinb Icewell Keep
timorous Timorous Deep
tox Toxxulia Forest
trakanon Trakanon's Teeth
tutorial The Tutorial Zone
unrest Estate of Unrest
veeshan Veeshan's Peak
velketor Velketor's Labrynth
wakening The Wakening Lands
warslikswood Warslilks Woods
westwastes Western Wastelands
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