Lantern 0.1.7 Release

January 5, 2024  by  wiz

After a year of development, we're proud to present the next client release for the LanternEQ project. While we had originally planned on having more frequent release cadence, real life obligations slowed development considerably. Furthermore, some features like the audio system turned out to be quite the rabbit hole in terms of complexity and took forever to fully understand and document. Nevertheless, 2023 was a great year for the project and the community and we're proud of what we've accomplished and are excited for the next chapter.

Here are the major changes in this release:

  • Music system - The original EverQuest music system has been reverse engineered and implemented. You can choose between realtime MIDI and recorded audio playback.
  • Audio system - The world is alive with sound. As you wander around the world you can hear wooden doors creak open, the footsteps of guards as they make their patrols and the bubbling of dark swamps.
  • Passive skill system - Skills system has been added and weapon skills will raise as they are used in combat.
  • Guildmaster/training - Players can now learn new skills and improve their skills using training points.
  • Combat system improvements - Combat should feel better as we've fixed a number of issues.
  • Dropping items/coin - Low on bag space? The ground can now be used as your personal storage system.
  • Health/mana tick - Players will now passively regenerate health and mana.
Real-time MIDI Playback
Audio System
Item and coins dropping
Guildmaster training

This is the final single player only release of the LanternEQ client. We're in the process of evaluating networking options and will share more information when we have a path forward. Our first goal is to have players walking around in the world together and for movement to look and feel better than it ever has in EverQuest. Additionally, with the addition of ojrac, our team now comprises three developers, allowing us to intensify our efforts towards the next release.

Onward to great things.


Client downloads for Windows, macOS and Linux are available here.

How To Play

Please refer to our LanternEQ Quickstart Guide.

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