LanternEQ is a recreation of the classic EverQuest experience in Unity. The project encompasses both client and server allowing for complete game customization.

Instructions and download links for the builds can be found here. Keep in mind, as the project is still in active development, there are still a number of core features missing.

EverQuest server emulators have existed since shortly after the game launched in 1999 and have provided an option for those that wanted an alternative to playing on the official servers. While these servers have allowed for some customization, they have always been limited by the client. There have been many attempts at recreating a client, but all efforts have fizzled out. LanternEQ is by far the most complete client reimplementation to date and shows no sign of slowing down.

Reimplementing a game gives us complete control over client and server source meaning we can fix bugs and add functionality. All EverQuest emulated servers use closed source clients and this can sometimes cause issues. No such limitations exist with our project.

Unity is an extremely well established engine supporting many platforms. We're already able to deploy to Windows, macOS, and Linux and we have the possibility to add others in the future. Furthermore, utilizing Unity allows us to just focus on the game implementation as the engine will always be updated and support the latest platforms, operating systems, and graphics APIs.

The Trilogy client encompasses the original game and the first two expansions: Ruins of Kunark and Scars of Velious. It's possible additional expansions will be supported in the future.

LanternEQ supports Windows, macOS and Linux. There is a possibility down the road that additional platforms will be supported, but it's not a current focus.

The LanternEQ team consists of 5 developers, all working professionally in their area of contribution.

We will support both online and offline single player mode. It will also support a standalone server mode for those wishing to host others.

This is a complicated topic and the real answer is that we don't know. Integration with existing emulated servers is possible down the road, but is not a current focus. It also complicates things as different well known servers are based on multiple versions of the EQEmu source. Additionally, as the client is a reimplementation from scratch, it will never match the original client completely.

We don't yet have a release timeline.

A roadmap can be seen here.

While we are not directly associated with any other projects, EQClassic developer Harakiri has generously allowed us to use a local test server for reverse engineering. Without this, progress would be much slower and in some cases impossible. Vielen Dank!

The Lantern community plays host to extremely passionate and talented individuals who are still in love with the world of Norrath even after 20 years. The project has even caught the attention of some former EverQuest developers who are excited to see where Lantern is headed. The community as a whole is fun-loving, respectful, and loves to encourage and empower others on their pursuits.

You must legally own a copy of the Trilogy client to use Lantern.

We're always looking to add talent to the team. If you want to contribute your skillset to the project, get in contact with one of us in the Lantern Discord. We're currently actively looking for animators and UX designers.

With the power of Unity, there is no limit to what can be added to the game.

The best way individuals can contribute is to play and report bugs so that we can build a more stable game. If you really want to lend a hand on the testing front, consider joining the beta team. We do not accept donations. This is a hobby project and we do it in our spare time because of our shared love for EverQuest.

The LanternEQ client is currently closed source. This is for a couple of reasons but this may change in the future. The tools we use to extract and import EverQuest content into Unity are open source and available here:

Come drop by the Discord, and let us know!

Absolutely. We have a "check-it-out" channel in the Discord where users share what they are working on. It doesn't have to be EQ related as long as it follows the Discord rules.
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